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Microchimeric mombie

Listen to Dr. Boddy chat with Zombified cast about fetal cells in the maternal body.

Cancer cell clusters

UCSB Researcher Investigates Strategies for Reducing Metastatic Potential of Cancer Cell Clusters

By Jacqueline Wen

Fetal Microchimerism Covered on NatGeo

Fetal cells hide out in mum’s body, but what do they do?

By Ed Yong

Fetal Microchimerism Covered on NPR's Morning Edition

Fetal Cells May Protect Mom From Disease Long After The Baby’s Born

Microchimerism Discussed in Aeon

We are multitudes

Women are chimeras, with genetic material from both their parents and children. Where does that leave individual identity?

By Katherine Rowland

Fetal Microchimerism Covered in the New York Times

A Pregnancy Souvenir: Cells That Are Not Your Own

By Carl Zimmer

Fetal Microchimerism Covered in the Smithsonian

Baby’s Cells Can Manipulate Mom’s Body for Decades

By Viviane Callier

Cancer Across Life Covered in the New York Times

Cellular ‘Cheaters’ Give Rise to Cancer

By George Johnson

Cancer Across Life & Folsom Prison Blues

Science x Rhymes Cellular Cheaters

By Tom @ Science x Rhymes


Life History Trade-Offs in Reproduction and Cancer

UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution and Culture Speaker Series

See Dr. Boddy present work on life history trade-offs in reproduction and cancer

Cooperation & Conflict in Maternal Health

ASU Cooperation & Conflict Symposium

See Dr. Boddy present work on microchimerism and maternal-fetal conflict

Super Chimera

Cooperation and conflict beyond the womb

Check out the video abstract for our microchimerism review in BioEssays

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